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    The ESCVS's educational resources in general cardiovascular surgery and VASCULAR & CARDIAC EMERGENCIES

    The Diseases of Thoracic and Abdominal Aorta

    The European Society for Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery is dedicated in providing educational opportunities to residents and young cardiac and vascular surgeons. Every year ESCVS would organized Summer and Winter School by the very experienced team of vascular and cardiovascular surgeons.

    Interested participants, younger than 35 years of age, are invited to apply on with their CV and ID copy (age proof).

    Granted candidates will be selected by members of EC of the ESCVS and informed via e-mail.

    The ESCVS’s vision, in terms of medical education, is to improve cardiovascular surgery outcomes

    A cardiac surgeon specializes in heart surgeries, which necessitates a great deal of education and experience. Cardiac surgeons must earn a college pre-med degree, complete medical school, pass an exam to become licensed, and complete two residencies–a process which can take around 15 years to finish.
    The ESCVS’s experts help our participants to learn and control the latest knowledge in incidence, diagnosis and treatment of the all spectrum of vascular and cardiovascular emergencies. The ESCVS education is devoted to young surgeons in the training process in vascular and cardiovascular surgery and traumatology.

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