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Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues, dear friends, authorities, teachers,

Lazar-B.-Davidovic_press-letterI would like to thank the Executive Committee of the European Society and General Assembly for Cardiovascular Surgery and Endovascular Surgery (ESCVS) that elected me as President for 2016-2018. They honored me greatly. This is truly the most important event in my professional carrier and I do have to admit – I am most excited by this newly appointed position. My name is Lazar Davidovic. I am full professor of Vascular Surgery (School of Medicine-University of Belgrade) and Head of the Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular surgery of the Serbian Clinical Centre. My institution continues the tradition of the esteemed “2nd Surgical Clinic” which was founded in 1946 by one of the truly outstanding people of Serbian surgery, professor Vojislav K. Stojanovic. In former Yugoslavia, the 2nd Surgical Clinic was a cradle of the cardiovascular surgery. Many cardiac and vascular surgical procedures were performed on that Clinic only few years in delay compared to the modern world.

During the first founding congress of the ESCVS (Strasbourg, 1952) professor Stojanovic represented former Yugoslavia and, surely, we, Serbian cardiac and vascular surgeons, are most proud of it. Professor Stojanovic continued successfully his activity in the ESCVS, and thanks to that, the first jubilee - the 25th congress of our society - was organized in Belgrade in 1976. Until then, President of the ESCVS was A. Senning (1975-1976) while on this occasion Ch. Hahn was elected President for the period from 1976 to 1977. Professor V. Stojanovic was the vice-president. During that congress, Belgrade was visited by many leading cardiac and vascular surgical experts: Senning, Hahn, Cockett, Gruss, Nielubowicz, DeBakey, Turina, Callow, Hejhal, Malan, Veremuulen,...

In 1976, I was still in my high school and I did not know what my future profession would be. However, in 1990, during the last year of my surgical specialization, I had an opportunity to participate at my first ESCVS congress that was organized in Budapest. During that Congress, 26 years ago, I presented one short video clip regarding intra-arterial application of PGE1 at patients with CLI. It was my first international experience of such kind. Unfortunately, due to well-known problems and unpleasant events in former Yugoslavia during the nineties, I had to wait 11 years for my next ESCVS congress. That congress was again organized in Budapest in 2001. I was a moderator of an abstract session, on an international level for the first time.

At that time, I was unable even to grasp the concept of becoming the President of the ESCVS. However, in the following years, professors Dzsinich, Kieffer and Deriu were my international mentors. Thanks to their support and proposals at the beginning of 2008 in Barcelona, I was elected an advisor of the ESCVS EC. In Barcelona, I meet professors Schueller, Deriu, Zembala, Palombo, Oto and Treska. They are “guilty” more than others for my being elected the President. My collaboration with them, as well as with all other EC members, who came in the meantime, has been a great pleasure and experience for me.

Serbia is a small country. Therefore, my election is not only important for me, but also for our national cardiovascular surgery. Having in mind which surgical legends were presidents of our society during its almost 70-year-long history, I am anxious to prove worthy of the position.

It will not be easy to achieve what my predecessors, professors Kieffer, Schueller, Deriu, Zembala, Palombo and Oto, did during previous 12 years, but I will truly do my best. Hence, my key task will be faithful fulfillment of Society’s goals that are stated in its Constitution as follows:

  • promoting basic scientific and clinical research, with special emphasis on cardiovascular diseases;
  • monitoring development of the medical art, science and therapy of cardiovascular diseases;
  • coordinating and disseminating theoretical and practical medical knowledge, with special emphasis on cardiovascular diseases;
  • facilitating the exchange of ideas in the field of cardiovascular diseases, particularly through scientific meetings and personal contact between cardiac and vascular specialists;
  • constant attention to the level of physicians’ and other medical staff’s education;
  • promoting new, innovative treatments.

In the following two years of my presidency, I will be focused on reaffirming the essential values on which the Society was based.

With my best regards

Professor Lazar B. Davidovic, vascular surgeon, MD, PhD, FETCS
President ESCVS 2016-2018