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    We would like to invite you to become a 5 years active membership of the European Society for Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery.

    European endovascular and endovascular surgeons

    5 years active membership = 575 €

    [s2Member-PayPal-Button level=”5″ ccaps=”” desc=”5 years limited active membership – Level #5 / Individuals who are active in for a long time in ESCVS with special interest in cardiovascular diseases” ps=”paypal” lc=”” cc=”EUR” dg=”0″ ns=”1″ custom=”” ta=”0″ tp=”0″ tt=„D“ ra=”575.00″ rp=„5“ rt=”Y” rr=”BN” rrt=”” rra=”1″ image=”default” output=”button” /]


    Benefits of membership include:

    • Membership certificate
    • Annual subscription to The Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery (shipping included)
    • Reduced registration fee to the ESCVS annual congresses
    • Reduced workshops fee
    • Right to take part and vote during the annual ESCVS General Assembly
    • Participation in the future ESCVS trials
    • Easy access to network of professional knowledge; unique opportunity to share experience with other cardiovascular and endovascular surgeons in Europe
    • And much more…
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