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    ESCVS EEET 2nd Edition

    The European Society for CardioVascular Surgery (ESCVS) and the Chair for Education, European
    Exchange, and Trainee Program (EEET) are pleased to announce the second edition of their Exchange
    Program (EP) for the year 2023. By facilitating educational and scientific EPs between clinics and
    departments across Europe, the EP aims to foster a valuable network of CardioVascular residents and
    As in the first edition, the ESCVS will offer its members the opportunity to spend a 1-month period
    in a cardiac or vascular department abroad, shadowing high-expertise surgeons in high-volume
    centers chosen for their impeccable quality for both clinical and surgical expertise. Participants will
    be recognized with an official certificate, which will be given to them at the end of their stay if they
    have previously completed the course.
    The application process for the EP 2023 remains unchanged from the previous year. Each applicant
    can apply by completing the dedicated Application Form (AF) (which can be downloaded from this
    page) and sending it to the email address indicated. Application is free upon proof of being an active
    member of the ECSVS for the 2023 association year. All applicants must submit a curriculum vitae
    as well as a self-declaration of a personal health insurance and any additional certification required
    by each national health regulations. The applicant will have to self-grant the accommodation, unless
    otherwise provided by the hosting center that will, in any case, help in finding an accommodation.
    The hosting centers available for this year will be respectively:

    Cardiac Surgery
    – Medical University of Innsbruck – Innsbruck (Austria)
    – West-German Heart and Vascular Center, University of Duisburg-Essen – Essen (Germany)
    – Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration – Warsaw (Poland)
    – Kolan International Hospital – Istanbul (Turkey)

    Vascular Surgery
    – Larissa University Hospital – Larissa (Greece)
    – San Martino Hospital, University of Genoa – Genoa (Italy)
    – Padua University Hospital, University of Padua – Padua (Italy)
    – University Clinical Center of Serbia – Belgrade (Serbia)
    The application deadline for the EP 2023 is July 31, 2023. The AFs will be then evaluated by the
    Executive Committee (EC) of the ESCVS, and a ranking list will be published. The winning
    applicants will then be contacted by the hosting center, and the stage period will be scheduled
    according to the organizers.

    Prof. Domenico Palombo
    Professor of Vascular Surgery University of Genoa, Italy
    Past President of the European Society of Cardio-Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
    Past President of the Italian Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
    Head of the Chair for ESCVS Education, European Exchange, and Trainee Program (EEET)

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