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    Rules, Application and Renewal

    Applying to become a Fellow of the ESCVS The European Society of Cardiovascular Cardiology introduced the status (title) “Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology” (FESC) in 1988, as an honorary recognition offered to its most prominent members.   Apply…

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    ESCVS - YOUNG INVESTIGATOR AWARD - VASCULAR SURGEON - GUIDELINES - Applicants must be under 35 years of age. If they are not members, they will have to be presented by a member of the ESCVS. The applicant should send…

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    The European Society for Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery is dedicated in providing educational opportunities to residents and young cardiac and vascular surgeons. Every year ESCVS would organized Summer and Winter School by the very experienced team of vascular and cardiovascular…

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    Thierry Folliguet, Creteil Cédex, France

    Presidential address

    Dear Friends and Colleagues, the ESCVS has been blessed with exceptional presidential leadership since its creation and it is with great honour to be elected as President for the next two years (2018-2020). When I first joined the ESCVS many…

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    Section 2. The objects of this Society shall be: a) to promote the investigation and study of the art, science and therapy of cardiac and vascular disease, to coordinate this knowledge and to disseminate it; b) to facilitate the exchange…

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    The Journal

    Vi et mente is more than the motto on the corporate medallion of Minerva Medica: it is the life-spring of an intense activity that involves our entire publishing team. Everything we achieve is the product of a stupendous collaborative effort…

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    The Executive Committee’s duties involve in particular: managing the activities of the Society and representing the Society; managing the property of the Society and finances; deciding on the Executive Committee’s Labour Code; creating and liquidating the Standing Committees (e.g. Scientific…

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    Rene Leriche (1879-1955)


    The European Society of CardioVascular Surgery (ESCVS) was founded May 31st, 1951, in the city of Turin, Italy, with statutes in Strasbourg, France, under the name of “Société Européenne de Chirurgie CardioVasculaire”. René Leriche was elected as president R. dos…

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