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    Applying to become a Fellow of the ESCVS

    The European Society of Cardiovascular Cardiology introduced the status (title) “Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology” (FESC) in 1988, as an honorary recognition offered to its most prominent members.
    Deadline: 30 September

    ESCVS Fellowship criteria

    Applicants should select one of three tracks available to become a FESCVS.
    Please note that the required supporting documentation depends on the application track. Please note that all supporting documents must be provided in English.

    Scientific Excellence

    • Copy of academic diploma (MD., PhD. or equivalent): If not originally in English, translation is mandatory
    • Minimum 10 publications in peer- reviewed journals, of these, at least 5 publications with the applicant as first or last author (original articles, excluding   editorials, reviews, case reports)
    • Two supporting letters

    Clinical Excellence

    • Copy of National Cardiology Diploma(s): If not originally in English, translation is mandatory
    • Minimum 3 publications in peer reviewed journals, with at least 1 where the candidate is the first or last author (original articles, excluding editorials, reviews, case reports)
    • Two supporting letters

    Application Procedure

    When applying for the ESCVS Fellowship online, please follow the procedures below:
    Select the category according to the candidate status
    Browse the documentation requested, depending on the category, and upload (all documentation has to be translated into English)
    Submit the application before the annual deadline of 30 September
    Applications should be made via the online submission system (no paper submissions will be accepted). The application should be made electronically via the dedicated online system. The application must contain all above specified documents.
    The application deadline is 30 September, year N for FESCVS Fellowship to be awarded during the ESCVS Congress in year N+1. The newly elected FESCVS will be informed in November, year N of acceptance/rejection of the application.
    The newly elected ESCVS Fellow should pay the Fellowship fee before 15 December, year N.
    Thus, all FESCVS benefits, privileges and duties formally begin on 1 January, year N+1. Alternatively, the newly elected ESCVS Fellow may pay the first Fellowship fee immediately after the reception of the notification by email of the election as Fellows (i.e. for the year N+1). 
    In this case, the newly elected Fellow will benefit from the ESCVS Fellows privileges upon receipt of the payment.
    The Election Process
    Applications submitted after the annual deadline will not be considered by the ESCVS Credentials Committee. The ESCVS Credentials Committee reviews complete applications only and the candidate is informed by email of acceptance/rejection of the application.

    Annual Fellowship Fee Rules

    The yearly Fellowship fee is 450 Euros and covers the period from 01 January to 31 December. Newly elected FESCVS receive the request for payment in November. The request for payment is mailed and the payment must be received before 15 December to ensure the delivery of the selected Journal early January (year N + 1). Payment should be preferably made online.
    The payment of the yearly Fellowship fee generates the Fellows Privileges. On 1 January, all advantages for Fellows will be cancelled if the Fellowship fee remains unpaid.
    After 2 years of non-payment of fees, consecutively or not, the Fellow will be informed of his/her exclusion from the ESCVS Fellowship, unless payment is received within 3 months. An excluded Fellow will remain a Member of the ESCVS if he/she is a Member of an ESCVS Constituent Body, and his/her reintegration in the ESCVS Fellowship register will be accepted upon payment of all due fees.
    A “pay in order” principle applies: the Fellowship fee is due every year and one may only pay the Fellowship fee of the given year, upon payment of the fee of the previous year.

    Exemption of Payment Rules

    In the case where a Fellow is unable to pay his/her Fellowship fee, he/she must contact the Membership Services Department before November, giving the full reason for his/her inability to send the payment. The reason should be unexpected (e.g. sudden significant illness or similar). Differences in economic standards of various countries will not be accepted a reason for exemption, as far as this was known to the candidate before he/she applied for the ESCVS Fellowship.
    The ESCVS Credentials Committee will then take a decision. Exemption will be possible only for specific reasons and the evaluation will be made on a case by case basis. The exemption is valid only for one year and cannot be repeated.
    A Fellow exempted from payment will retain Fellowship but cannot claim “Fellows privileges” such as subscription to the ESCVS Journal or free entrance to the ESCVS Congress and its onsite Fellows advantages.

    Emeritus Fellow – FESCVS

    The status of Emeritus Fellow will be conferred by the ESCVS Credentials Committee upon written request of the Fellow when he/she reaches minimum age of 65 years, and retires from full-time work. Proof of retirement should be provided to the Membership Department.
    An Emeritus Fellow retains the title of Fellow but is no longer required to pay the annual Fellowship fee.
    He/she is entitled to attend the ESCVS Congress at a reduced registration fee.
    The status of Emeritus Fellows of the European Society of Cardiology will not be offered to Fellows with outstanding fees unpaid to the ESCVS.


    FESCVS fees are due every year. Payments should be made by credit card, in euros only through your My ESCVS account.
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