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All the have achieved is done to the gifts we got from our predecessors.

The Officers of The Society shall be the President, the President-Elect, the last two Past-Presidents, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary-General, the Associate SecretaryGeneral, the Treasurer and/or Executive Accountant, the Councillors and the Historian.
Thierry Folliguet, Creteil Cédex, France

Thierry Folliguet

President ESCVS
Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Thielmann, FAHA Essen, Germany

Matthias Thielmann

General Secretary
Vladislav Treska, Pilsen, Czech Republic

Vladislav Treska

President Elect
Lazar Davidovic, M.D. Belgrade, Serbia

Lazar Davidovic

Past President
Domenico Palombo, Genova, Italy

Domenico Palombo

Past President
Oztekin Oto, Izmir, Turkey

Oztekin Oto

ex officio

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