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Winners of Young Surgeon Award 2019

Vascular Young Surgeon Award
Dr. G A. Boschetti (Italy) – O.S.C. after EVAR: A six – year report
Dr .L. Hanna (UK) – Carbon – dioxide flushing versus saline flushing of thoracic aortic stents to reduce vascular brain infarcts.
Dr. Petroula Nana (Greece) – Treatment options of spontaneous dissection of visceral arteries.
Cardiac Young Surgeon Award
Dr. Silvia Mariani (Germany) – Long – term follow – up of 111 minimally – invasive left ventricular assist device implantatios: a single centre experience
Dr. Alexandr H.F.Woltersom (Poland) – Development of a visualization module for image – based preoperative mitral valve assessment
Dr. Antonio Salsano (Genova) – Which are the best scores for prediction of severe bleeding after coronary artery bypass surgery.
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